Where Do Companies Go Wrong In Their Corporate Training Programmes?

Learning and development (L&D) strategies are essential to every company’s competitive advantage and growth. With a huge shift to e-learning, the need for a well-developed online learning platform is more important than ever. The first step to that requires an evaluation of what companies might be doing wrong with L&D initiatives.
corporate training programmes

Augmenting the growth and competitiveness of your business, learning and development strategies are much more important than you might think. As more organisations shift to e-learning platforms, it makes prudent sense to consider how online corporate training platforms can deliver better outcomes.

A report by Training Industry states that companies spend approximately $366.2 billion on training alone globally. With that much spend, it’s concerning to see that $13.5 million per 1,000 employees are lost due to ineffective corporate training efforts. Well-designed and efficient training platforms can help introduce lean learning strategies for your company’s employee development pipeline.

More than a nice-to-have, e-learning can fulfill the training needs of your employees, encompassing a vital part of the company’s long-term strategy and growth.

Problem-solving with efficient online e-learning systems

Just like lean manufacturing, lean learning strategies cut through the noise, prioritising purpose, method, and employee’s needs above all else. With a fast-moving business environment, it’s incredibly important that employees learn the core of what they need and have immediate real-world applications. Learning the right thing for the right reasons can help them retain better and longer.

Lack of well-matched learning modules

With attention spans shorter than the goldfish – in part due to a digitalised lifestyle – corporate training modules need to be better matched. In-person training modules tend to be too generic, too boring, and too basic. It also moves at the same speed for everyone, which can leave employees feeling disengaged.

Offering fully customisable e-learning, the 8EYOND Training Management System (TMS) allows you to match your core business needs. Because people learn best when they have to, the online learning system afforded by this also aligns with the schedules of your employees.

Disengagement in learning methods    

When people enjoy what they’re doing, they do it much better. Motivation levels rise and results are sharper. Not only do e-learning modules need to be well-matched, they must also encompass a variety of methods. Some are independent learners capable of sitting down for long periods of time, while others prefer short sessions accompanied with a feedback cycle.

Adopting a one-size fits all approach is often the precursor to disengaged employees. One way companies can counter this is through gamification. The 8EYOND learning management system (LMS) uses gamification techniques where learners can collect badges and move up levels in modules.

Redefine e-learning with TDS

E-learning requires 40-60% less of employee time, making it the preferred mode for learning and development. A leader in technology-enabled learning, TDS is your go-to for a well-designed and efficient corporate training program. Leverage our capabilities today to upskill your employees.

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