Our EdTech Solutions

3 platforms that cover your organisation’s needs.

Training Management System (TMS)

An all-in-one platform integrated with SSG systems, streamlining, automating, and enhancing your organisation's learning experience.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A comprehensive learning experience platform for effortless creation, delivery, tracking, and management of digital learning content and training programmes.


Content Management

Within EdTech, you can create, upload, organise, and share diverse educational content encompassing text, multimedia, and interactive resources. Gamification elements are thoughtfully integrated to elevate engagement and motivation within the learning experience. We also offer extensive resources to support educators in refining their teaching skills and staying current with best practices in education.


Learning Management and Assessment

At our core, we empower educators like you with a suite of tools to create, organise, and administer courses. With our EdTech solutions, you gain the ability to craft and manage curriculum, assignments, and assessments with ease. We also equip you with tools for creating quizzes, tests, and assignments, along with streamlined options for delivering feedback and grading, streamlining the teaching and assessment processes.



TDS offers adaptive learning technologies designed to customise content and pacing according to each student's unique needs and progression. We provide diverse learning modes, including virtual classrooms, webinars, and video conferencing, catering to remote and online learning. Additionally, we provide tools for effective communication, engaging discussions, collaborative group projects, and peer interaction, fostering a rich learning experience.


Analytics and Reporting

Our EdTech empowers you with comprehensive data tracking and analytics to keep a close eye on student progress, evaluate performance, and make well-informed, data-driven decisions. We offer real-time data visualisation and robust reporting tools, enabling educators and administrators to gain valuable insights and optimise educational outcomes.



Our EdTech seamlessly integrates with various educational tools and systems, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and video conferencing platforms. This compatibility ensures a frictionless experience, streamlining your educational ecosystem for maximum efficiency.



We provide features that cater to learners with disabilities, including screen readers, subtitles, and alternative text, ensuring an inclusive and seamless learning and training experience. What's more, our content and support are available in multiple languages to reach a diverse audience. And with compatibility across a range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and laptops, we enhance flexibility for students, making education accessible anytime, anywhere.

Why Our EdTech

Innovation and Cutting-Edge Features 
Empower your learning journey with user-friendly EdTech solutions. Our adaptive learning, gamification, and robust analytics give you a competitive edge in the evolving educational landscape. 
Our EdTech solutions are designed for seamless growth, ensuring an agile educational ecosystem that effortlessly adapts to future challenges without disruptions. 
Our commitment to affordability doesn’t compromise quality. Crafted for cost-effectiveness, our EdTech solutions trim operational costs, delivering maximum value for your investments. 
Proven Track Record 
Achieve concrete success with our EdTech solutions, delivering improved outcomes, heightened engagement, and streamlined processes. 
Comprehensive Support and Training 
Unlock the full potential of our EdTech solutions with top-notch support, extensive training resources, and comprehensive documentation. 
Security and Compliance 
Ensure peace of mind with our commitment to safeguarding data and ensuring compliance. Your information security is our top priority. 
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