The Value of Training & Learning Management Systems

With the world shifting indoors due to COVID-19, e-learning has now become the default option for training and development. Despite the resistance, learning management systems remain relevant and valuable to the industry. Find out why in this article.

In early 2020, COVID-19 would erupt worldwide, causing a massive shift in livelihoods, prompting the world indoors for the sake of our health and safety. Teleworking became the main form of work for most, if not all, office-based workers, with physical office spaces becoming nothing more than desert towns. With almost the entire world’s working population retreating to home-based work spaces, plenty of industries reliant on the office-based economy have had to follow the shift as well – this includes the corporate training industry. E-learning has become the de facto way of pursuing professional development in corporations, and will likely stay that way for a while.

Benefits of online corporate training systems

Online corporate training systems are designed to benefit both the learner and the trainer, making the shared responsibility of training and development much easier to bear. That said, there may be some resistance in adapting to these e-learning systems, maybe due to assumptions surrounding them. Let’s take a look at why liaising with learning provider service companies can be good for you and your company, as a teacher and trainer.

1. Catered to your learning needs

For the learners, the biggest takeaway that you can reap from learning management systems (LMS) is the refined programming it comes with – this means that your learning will be supported to the fullest. Why? LMS systems are designed in a way that will cater to your learning needs. LMS systems will track your learning needs as well as your performance, which makes it easier to meet your learning milestones. LMS will also centralise your learning, as all the material is provided from a single database, with unlimited access, which makes it easier for you to learn even on the go. On top of that, employers need not worry about compliance standards, as LMS will allow you to change and add new compliance standards into your programme in just a few minutes. The benefits for learning management systems grow everyday.

2. Simplifying your menial tasks

Anyone working in training and development understands the sheer logistical horror or preparing premium educational and training material, while balancing the commercial side of managing the business. Imagine spending the hours to create exceptional training and development content, and then have to keep an eye out for training schedules, registrations, and even payments being made. The many small administrative tasks that amount to a proper training programme can be difficult to juggle, leaving you less time to promote or improve. This is where a training management system (TMS) will come in handy – the centralisation and automation of such menial work will save you an insurmountable amount of time that can be invested into creating better training materials, and promoting your business.

3. Scalability and talent retention

Companies want to be sure that all that training and development invested into employees will amount to something great. With online corporate training management systems, you are able to track and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, which in turn gives you the opportunity to build talents within the company. The use of both LMS and TMS systems will provide a synergising training and development programme, allowing you to accurately scale the talent pipeline, and with the right resources, retain your talent within your company.

Take your training and development higher with TDS

TDS understands the market for training and development. Over the years, our experienced team has developed high end products for both learning and training management systems, both of which will allow you and your company to meet your human resource goals.

For learners, our 8EYOND LMS is a full-featured and scalable learning platform that can be configured functionally and visually to meet both your business and learning needs. For trainers, our 8EYOND TMS is a fully integrated, centralised training platform designed to meet your administration, documentation, and other business related needs. For a more robust and value-added option, consider our integrated option 8EYOND SUITE which combines both our training systems, creating an effective and seamless training and development experience.

If you would like to hear more about our offers, don’t be afraid to contact us here.

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