Why choose TDS for your corporate e-learning solutions?

Online learning is the most viable and effective option for businesses to keep their employees competitive, up-to-date and incentivised. TDS’ learning management system (LMS) covers touchpoints like versatility, engagement and customisation to make corporate e-learning a breeze.
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Online learning solutions are steadily becoming the preferred option for employers and employees upgrading and investing in their learning processes. Valued at US$792.997 million in 2019 and projected to reach US$2, 228.74 million by 2027, the e-learning market in Singapore is set to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2020 to 2027. If anything, the pandemic has further driven the demand for effective e-learning solutions for corporations and educational institutions. 

Learning and development remains a crucial component for the long-term growth and success of a business – what more, in a digital era like today. E-learning is one of the digital technologies that are gaining momentum for offering employees the opportunity to pick up vital skills and grow their knowledge to better perform at work. Not only do they equip your workforce with relevance, but they also motivate and incentivise them to continue working for you. With 87% of millennials and 84% of global executives prioritising professional development, the statistics don’t lie. 

As e-learning proves to be a major differentiating factor, find out why TDS offers one of the best corporate learning platforms in the market.  

Benefits of choosing TDS’ seamless 8EYOND LMS platform 

Having worked with trusted partners in a range of industries and sectors, TDS has grown to develop one of the leading integrated technology enabled learning platforms that are highly relevant and dynamic. TDS offers its own corporate learning platform – the 8EYOND LMS platform – complete with actionable reporting analytics and customisable competency framework management options – perfect for businesses at any stage. 

Effective and engaging learning 

Today, learners need to be engaged with their online learning courses because it plays a vital role in knowledge retention and application. This is where the rising popularity of gamification comes in. 

TDS’ use of cutting-edge gamification leverages not only engagement, but also the learner’s retention and drive behaviour changes. Approximately 60% of employees who undertook gamified training increased productivity levels. A key driver in e-learning trends today, game-based learning incorporates gaming elements like leveling, rewards and leaderboards to drive motivation and training. More than just a quality corporate e-learning platform in Singapore, TDS’ LMS delivers engaging lessons – effectively enhancing learning outcomes and knowledge retention.  

Custom, versatile e-learning modules 

One of the biggest challenges of providing effective corporate e-learning solutions is the ability to cater to a varying host of needs and capabilities. And, the 8EYOND LMS does just that through customised e-learning modules. Online learning has the capacity to fit a variety of learner competencies, both at different levels and speeds. 

Functions like the course-builder allow learners to take advantage of a variety of online learning methods, like blended learning, instructor-led and self-paced modules while feedback engines support an ongoing analysis and reporting of employee engagement levels and learning efficiencies. 

Feature-rich for lower training costs 

Companies are prioritising learning and development for a number of reasons. On top of having the best represent your company, you also want to be able to retain them. With more than 2 in 5 leaving their jobs due to substandard learning opportunities, professional development is just as important to employees as it is to employers.

However, year-on-year costs for training and the preparation that goes into them can be expensive. A versatile and feature-rich platform like the 8EYOND LMS reduces the training costs involved. Local hosting, reporting analytics and personalised module administration takes the hassle and guesswork out of the equation, promising effective training remotely and at lower overhead costs. 

Staying a step ahead with online learning

A competitive corporate learning platform is one that is compatible with the needs of a modern learner. By integrating technology-enabled solutions to deliver personalised online learning, the 8EYOND LMS keeps pace with the changing dynamics of the global work environment. 

Find out how TDS can help you meet your e-learning objectives with our learning platform. 

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