How AR & VR learning systems support development

AR and VR are young technologies that are more usually associated with gaming. But don’t let that blindside you; AR and VR are slowly paving the way to greater efficiencies across industries, even in corporate training. Find out how in this article.

Amongst the technologies that have risen in the last decade, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) stand as two that have proven to be useful across multiple industries. AR refers to the interaction of real-time environment computer-generated perceptual information that may be audio or visual (among others) in nature. VR refers to a completely computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be similar or different from the real world.

AR and VR in E-learning

As of 2016, AR and VR are technologies worth $2.2 billion and are slated to grow to $26.89 billion by the year 2022. Despite being relatively younger technologies, AR and VR continue to be explored and applied across multiple platforms and reaping the benefits undiscovered before. While it’s more commonly seen used for video games and other entertainment purposes, its merit does not stop there. You may be wondering how something as otherworldly as AR and VR can be applied to an industry like e-learning and corporate training. But the truth is that it isn’t hard. After all, AR and VR both work in similar ways to do one simple thing: enhancing your direct environment through computer generation.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at some ways AR and VR can be beneficial to the world of e-learning and corporate training systems.

AR and VR Changing the E-Learning World

1. Boosting Learning Retention

AR and VR are both collectively known to provide immersive experiences. They provide real-time, actual simulations of the learning material, allowing learners the ability to interact with the content directly. Through the use of headsets and audio devices, most of the senses of the learner are engaged, effectively blocking out distractions as well. This form of experiential learning is almost guaranteed to provide better learning retention, with rates up to 90%. Even after a year upon finishing the corporate training, the retention rate can still go up to 80%.

2. Data Analytics

The use of AR and VR software also allows for the collection of useful data down to granular levels, especially when compared to traditional training methodology. We are able to track the progress of a learner from start to end, following their progress along the way. This provides access to multiple types of data that include how long they take to finish, their strengths and weaknesses, and even their reactions to specific learning material. All this information can then be channeled back to the learning provider or corporate training management system, to figure out what works and what can be improved.

3. Safety

What is probably the most underrated benefit for using AR and VR is without a doubt that it makes corporate training much safer. AR and VR can simulate high-risk real life situations – this means that for industries where safety is a major concern, training sessions can be done without endangering any lives. This could also extend itself to companies improving their safety training for regular office work as well. In such situations, employees could make life-endangering mistakes without the actual risk. This in turn keeps them safe, and would not reduce the productivity of the company in question.

Incorporate AR and VR into your corporate training

Despite AR and VR being associated with the gaming industry, these relatively younger technologies are steadily making their marks across the board. The benefits of experiential learning are unending, and AR and VR are two mediums that are best equipped to support it.

Here at TDS, our expert team has the tools to help you equip and optimise your corporate training. With our managed learning services, we are able to customise your learning or training management systems, going so far as to incorporate AR and VR if you desire. Our wide range of services make us the ideal choice for a company of any size. Reach out to us today.

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