Features We Offer

Course and Curriculum Management

Effortlessly create, organise, and manage diverse training programmes, courses, and curriculum, whether instructor-led or online.

Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Efficiently schedule training sessions and allocate resources like instructors, venues, and training materials for seamless logistics.

Enrollment and Registration

Simplify participant enrollment, manage waitlists, prerequisites, and track attendee details with TMS.

Tracking and Reporting

Record participant attendance, progress, and completion while leveraging robust reporting and analytics for programme effectiveness.

User Management

Admin can administer user accounts, roles, and permissions, ensuring secure access and data control.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with systems such as HR software and SSG system, streamlining data management and enhancing overall efficiency.

Feedback and Evaluation

Collect valuable feedback and evaluations from participants and instructors to continuously enhance training programmes.

Mobile Accessibility

Ensure training materials are accessible on various devices, promoting flexibility and convenience.

Security and Data Privacy

Prioritise data security, user authentication, and compliance, offering robust measures to protect sensitive training information in TMS.

Why Our TMS

Tailored Solutions 
Our TMS is meticulously crafted to meet clients’ specific needs, offering customisable features aligned with unique training goals and workflows. 
Expert Support 
Dedicated support from our expert team ensures prompt assistance, guiding clients to maximise the benefits of our TMS. 
Our TMS offers budget-friendly pricing models, delivering exceptional value for organisational investments. 
User-Centric Design 
Our TMS prioritises user-friendliness, ensuring both administrators and learners can easily navigate to foster a positive user experience. 
Scalability Mastery 
Our TMS accommodates organisations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, making it a versatile solution for various industries. 
Continuous Updates 
We regularly update and enhance our TMS, keeping it current, secure, and equipped with the latest features and capabilities. 
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