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A learner-centric design service prioritising top-quality learning experiences to empower individuals, boost their skills, and drive organisational excellence.

Customised Solutions for Your
Business Learning Needs

Our collaborative approach, led by Learning Designers working closely with Subject Matter Experts, ensures the highest quality learning experiences. We begin with a thorough content review, analysing learning objectives, teaching materials, strategies, and assessment methods. From this, we tailor a personalised learning design, aligning precisely with each learner's unique profile.

Our Wide Range of Development Solutions

Our courses incorporate dynamic elements like videos, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and game-based learning, fostering both effective and engaging educational journeys. At TDS, we're dedicated to transforming the way people learn, creating an interactive and impactful experience for every learner.

Video & animation production

Rich media to engage and interest learners.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Most effective solution to simulate emergency response.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With virtual and reality to provide an interactive experience.

Game-based Learning

Exciting game journey that weaves in learning.

Multiple E-Learning Levels for Every Learner

Our e-learning levels are categorised based on development time, learning experience, and interactivity level. Whether you require fundamental knowledge transfer or immersive skill practice, we provide tailored solutions to meet your training objectives.

Optimal Learning on Any Device

Recognising diverse device usage among learners, our responsive design ensures an ideal learning experience, seamlessly adapting to different electronic devices for enhanced accessibility.

Our Design Approaches

We adopt instructional strategies such as Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions, Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation and Merrill’s First Principle of Instruction to achieve effective learning outcomes.

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Content /Teaching Materials -
Learners Profile -
Current Teaching Strategies -
- Self-Directed Learning
- Blended Learning
- Collaborative Learning
- Micro Learning
Game-based Learning -
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Video-based Learning -

Why Our CDS

In the digital age, technology has transformed how we consume information, making e-learning a sought-after, flexible tool. At Training & Development Services (TDS), we're your one-stop solution for all organisational needs.

Cost Effective

Expected saving of 50% – 70% on training costs.

Interactive Content

Engage learners continuously to reinforce effective learning.

Multi-Device Support

Seamless learning on any screen with responsive design.

High Accessibility

Access to learning content anywhere, anytime.

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