Features We Offer

Training Programme Management

We expertly oversee planning, scheduling, and coordination of training programmes, both in-person and virtual. Maximising resource utilisation for trainers, training rooms, and logistics, our services provide insights for informed management decisions.

Learners’ Registration and Enrolment

We meticulously manage learners' registration and enrolment, diligently tracking enrolment status and conducting thorough checks on prerequisites, fund status, and payments, delivering a seamless experience.

Trainers’ Management

We strategically assign highly qualified trainers for effective instruction. Proactive management of assignments and adjustments, along with seamless replacement trainer availability, optimises your training programme's success.

Venue and Resource Booking

We manage logistics for venues and secure essential training resources. Our team handles changes in facilities, minimising disruptions during training to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience for you.

LMS Integration

We specialise in integrating training data with your LMS, providing streamlined administration. We centralise data, simplifying management, evaluation, and scalability for a more efficient and effective learning experience.

Attendance Tracking

We meticulously record and monitor attendee presence, adhering to SSG requirements. Our attendance tracking is crucial when allocating assessment sessions, ensuring all mandatory training is completed, and identifying trends in absenteeism.

User Support

We offer timely and reliable assistance for inquiries and technical issues, ensuring an accurate response to every query. Our dedicated support minimises disruptions, enhancing learner satisfaction throughout their training experience.

Why Our MLS

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 
We enhance operational efficiency, allowing our customers to benefit from streamlined processes that free up valuable resources for focusing on core business functions. 
Cost-Saving Solutions 
Our outsourcing services offer significant cost-saving advantages by reducing operational expenses associated with in-house management. 
Access Specialised Expertise 
Our expertise enables you to gain access to specialised knowledge and cutting-edge tools that ensure the effectiveness of your training programmes 
Our Managed Services ensure that your training programmes align with regulations, effectively mitigating risks and safeguarding your organisation’s success. 
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