Competency Based Training: Hire & retain your best talents & achieve business goals

Competency mapping acts as a bridge from the abilities and special traits of the employees to the needs of the business or organisation. When businesses keep the competencies of employees in mind in hiring, training, appraising and promoting, they can retain their best talents and flourish as an organisation.

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping can be simply defined as identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. In the broader context of an organisation, it encompasses understanding an individual’s skills, knowledge, behaviour and abilities, then matching them effectively in a specific profession or position. Competency mapping is especially useful and important, because it seeks to engage team members in their own professional development, allowing for organisations to attract and retain the best people

TDS Singapore has the leading corporate management system that can assist you in this endeavour. In particular, our 8EYOND learning management system supports business with an optimised learning experience, allowing corporate training catered to your competency needs.

What are competencies?

Competencies can be said to be the amalgamation of “observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes that contribute to enhanced employee performance and ultimately result in organizational success”, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Depending on the organisation, competencies can be grouped in any number of ways. However, the most typical being knowledge, skill, behaviour, and leadership.


Knowledge refers to a deep understanding of the truths, facts and principles of a specific field, that was obtained through learning, formal training, experience, or a combination of these. They can be common in your organisation, especially in niche industries.


Often confused with knowledge, skills refer to a proficiency towards certain operations or processes that is developed through specialised training. These are role-specific, and the execution of such skills result in a successful performance.


Behaviour refers to the qualities or characteristics that amount to an individual’s personal makeup. Unlike the rest of the competencies mentioned here, behaviour isn’t so easily measured, and is highly subjective. However, specific personality traits can prove to be useful for the individual and organisation.


This refers to the soft skills required for varying levels of leadership, regardless of the function. The measurable behaviours can be pointed to the leadership of the self, the team, and the business.

How to use competency based training with online learning?

It goes without saying then competencies remain one of the few tools that an organisation can use that will lead to a successful business. But how do we follow up to that? It is essential to first up your business goals. A strong business plan will reduce the time wasted from indecision, as well as help you control the degree of accountability of your business. You should also understand with depth the objectives of your business, as well as your finance goals, and have a checklist that will help you follow through with these objectives. 

Once you have your business plan ironed out, you can begin to consider your employees and the expansion of your teams. In an ideal situation, every employee understands where they stand in the list of competencies mentioned earlier, and will strive to improve themselves readily. However, this isn’t the case. The onus is on both the management team and the employees to understand these parameters, which in turn will drive the decisions of recruitment, training and career development. Using competency based training will allow you the space to ensure that you and your employees create the best work environment.

Hire and Retain the Best with Competency Based Training

Assessing applicants along competencies will give you an idea of who is a good fit for your company, allowing you to hire employees who will excel in your organisation. Online learning and training personalised to the employee can also ensure that the right skills and knowledge are being taught and utilised, creating an effective workplace. Using competency based training will allow you the space to ensure that you and your employees create the best work environment. In addition, doing appraisals and promotions with competencies in mind will also ensure that employees are being assessed fairly, without compromising the company’s interests. 

Here at TDS Singapore, we are equipped with the right learning provider services that will ensure your business meets their needs and your employees are given training specific to their competencies. Our wide range of online learning courses make us ideal for companies of any size. Reach out to us if you’re interested.

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