What to look for in a learning management system?

Today’s integration of advanced technology with training and development have created a marvel of new-age solutions. Learning management systems is of growing interest, with many businesses investing in them despite the significant cost. Find out why below.

In today’s business climate, with trends changing as quickly as blinking, companies must find solutions quickly in order to stay afloat. As decades old problems are solved, new age ones arise, and it is within both the employer and employees right to innovate and evolve. Take for example Learning and Development – training in the form of instruction manuals and face to face tutoring are only effective for a short period of time – it is no longer enough to rely on one method of instruction.

Learning and development has always been costly. However, with the combination of AI and new media in today’s day and age, this can be made easier, faster and in ways that are more effective for each individual in the company. Enter learning management systems – a software that essentially houses, delivers and tracks all training and development within a company. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a look at why learning management systems are the future, and why businesses are now investing in them.

What makes a good Learning Management System?

It’s no secret that learning management systems may cost a significant amount – but any kind of training and development should be seen as an investment as it is a means of equipping employees with the right set of skills for their jobs. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt for one to understand what makes the perfect training platform for your company.

Seamless integration

Ideally, when looking for a training platform, you’d want to find a system that is easy to integrate into your already existing databases and programmes for a more seamless transition. Very obviously, it is extremely time-consuming for a company to go through major changes in a short amount of time. By choosing a learning management system that can sync data automatically and easily share information across organisational systems, especially with that of HR and administration, you reduce the hassle of needing to switch between systems, making it easier to manage employee training and development.

Blended-learning support

Many learning management systems integrate a mix of new media resources that occur online – but what do you do when the best sort of learning takes place offline? A big portion of training is best done in person, either in the form of  lectures, seminars, opportunities and on-the-job training and demonstrations. In the face of this, a good learning management system must be able to incorporate, assess and track the learning that goes on both online and offline.

Real-time tracking and reporting

It goes without saying that a learning management system must be able to track the progress of employees across all the different types of learning resources being used. Generating reports that are analytical and in-depth should be non-negotiable, as this would help you to understand the learning patterns of employees, as well as assess the effectiveness of the learning materials to be able to cater the right resources. The reporting capabilities of a learning management system can often be overlooked, but remains an ever important factor in choosing the right learning and training platform.

The perfect learning management system at TDS

At TDS, we’ve spent many years understanding the needs of the market to create the most up-to-date learning management system. With our 8EYOND LMS, you will find that it is easily integrated with third-party software and scripts via REST API and more, making it easier for you to seamlessly mesh with existing company frameworks. The Course Builder enables support for blended learning and allows you to reuse activity previously created for rapid course development. Generate in-depth reports that will allow you to track and assess the learning journeys of your employees.

For a more robust performance, consider our 8EYOND Suite that also includes our 8EYOND training management system, giving you the best of training and development platforms. Ready to make a change? Speak to us today.

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