Animated Videos Work Best for Educational Content

Integrating video and animation into e-learning courseware enhances the educational experience, bringing complex subjects to life and fostering engagement and understanding. At TDS, we leverage years of expertise to harness the best software, technology, and techniques to produce high-quality content for our customers.

Types of Animation Used in Singapore for Training Purposes

There are many ways and styles to get your message and training syllabus across to your learners or audience. Find out the best one for you or your company before you start making an animation or training video.


Presenter Video

Presenter Video is a type of video content where an individual appears on camera to deliver content directly to the audience. This format combines face-to-face interaction with supplementary visuals, narration, and educational context, making it a popular choice for e-learning.


Demonstration Video

A Demonstration Video in e-learning is a concise, visual guide that showcases step-by-step processes or procedures. It's invaluable for simplifying complex tasks, software training, and hands-on skill development, allowing learners to grasp and retain information more effectively.


Role-Play Video

A Role-Play Video in e-learning features learners simulating real-world scenarios to teach problem-solving and interpersonal skills. It's effective for practical skill development and decision-making, fostering critical thinking and empathy.


Screencast Video

A Screencast Video captures the screen activity, often accompanied by voice narration, to demonstrate software usage or online tasks. It simplifies technical subjects, enhancing comprehension and offers self-paced learning.


Animation/Motion Graphics

Animation/Motion Graphics involve the use of animated characters to explain concepts and processes. They are effective in making abstract ideas tangible and increasing engagement. You can also make use of humour to keep the learners entertained.

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