Managed Training Product Development Services

Managed Training Product Development Services (MTPDS) offer customers end-to-end outsourcing for training programme management, covering planning, coordination, and execution.

Tailored Strategies for Training Success

Managed Training Product Development Services (MTPDS) provide solutions including strategic planning, meticulous coordination, and efficient execution of various learning initiatives to the organisations.

We collaborate closely with customers to understand their unique training needs, tailoring programmes to align with organisational goals and industry requirements which include content development, scheduling, resource allocation, and performance monitoring.

Our MTPDS aim to enhance the overall effectiveness of training initiatives, ensuring that training participants acquire the necessary skills and knowledge efficiently. By leveraging specialised expertise, these services allow organisations to focus on their core operations while optimising the impacts and efficiency of their training programmes.

Features We Offer

Curriculum Development

Develop customised training programmes and courses aligned with customers’ specific needs and objectives.

Dynamic Content Creation

Craft training materials, including presentations, e-learning modules, videos, and other resources.

Training Delivery

Offer infrastructure and expertise for training delivery in various formats, such as in-person, virtual, or online.

Instructor/Facilitator Management

Source, manage, and train instructors or facilitators for effective training sessions.

Reporting and Analytics

Provide data and analytics on training programme effectiveness and outcomes.

Continuous Improvement Feedback

Gather feedback from participants to continually enhance training programmes.

Compliance and Certification

Ensure training programmes adhere to industry or regulatory compliance standards, facilitating certification processes when needed.

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Expert Guidance

MTPDS prove invaluable for organisations without in-house expertise, allowing them to prioritise core operations. Outsourcing training management allows organisations to concentrate on their core operations while ensuring the professional delivery of training. 

Dedicated Partner

Our client-focused approach aligns training initiatives with specific organisational goals. Opting for our services means securing a dedicated partner committed to enhancing training effectiveness, ensuring compliance, and providing scalable, responsive solutions. 

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