Managed Training Operations Services

Encompass supervising and optimising all facets of a training centre's daily functions, including resource management, scheduling, and maintenance, ensuring seamless operations and effective training delivery.

Redefine Training Operations with MTOS

Managed Training Operations Services (MTOS) offer comprehensive solutions for the efficient functioning of training centres. This encompasses support including management of essential resources like training rooms, trainers, materials, refreshments, cleaners, IT support, and front desk services.

The services ensure smooth daily operations by handling resource scheduling, sourcing, and maintenance. By taking care of these middle-office functions, the services aim to optimise the training environment, allowing the centres to focus on delivering high-quality training.

From coordinating logistics to maintaining facilities, MTOS strive to create an organised and conducive learning environment, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and success of the training centres’ programmes.

Features We Offer

Resource Management

Efficiently handle and allocate resources such as training rooms, trainers, materials, refreshments, cleaners, and IT support.

Resource Scheduling

Optimise resource scheduling to enhance coordination and ensure optimal utilisation for a variety of training activities.

Facilities Management

Ensure a conducive and professional training environment through comprehensive oversight and maintenance of facilities.

Logistics Coordination

Manage the logistics of training sessions, including setup, coordination of materials, and support services.

Facility Maintenance

Uphold the regular maintenance and upkeep of training facilities and equipment for optimal functionality.

Vendor Sourcing

Identify and engage with vendors for sourcing training materials and other required resources.

Training Quality Assurance

Implement measures to ensure the high quality and effectiveness of training programme operations.

Administrative Support

Provide comprehensive administrative support to trainers and staff, allowing them to focus on delivering impactful training.

Training Tech Support

Provide comprehensive IT support services to address technical needs and ensure smooth training sessions.

Reporting and Analysis

Generate reports and conduct analysis on resource utilisation, participant feedback, and overall training centre performance.


Adapt training operations services to seamlessly adjust to changes in the organisation's size, structure, and evolving business needs.


Optimised Operations Expertise

Offering unparalleled expertise, we seamlessly manage training centres with comprehensive solutions. From meticulous resource allocation to precise logistics management, our commitment to efficiency empowers clients to concentrate on core training, elevating programme quality. 

Tailored Customer Satisfaction

Embracing a customer-centric approach, we customise services to unique needs for utmost satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating IT support, we enhance the overall learning experience. As a scalable solution, we adapt to evolving needs, providing flexibility and optimal service. 


Strategic Problem-Solving Approach

Our proactive problem-solving approach anticipates challenges, ensuring uninterrupted, high-quality training operations. Choosing us means entrusting training centre management to a reliable partner dedicated to optimising resources and fostering success. 

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