Managed Training Monitoring Services

Managed Training Monitoring Services (MTMS) involve overseeing and enhancing training programmes to ensure their effectiveness and ongoing improvement within a managed context.

Efficiency and Excellence in Impactful Training

Managed Training Monitoring Services (MTMS) provide a systematic approach to training programme oversight, ensuring that training content is up-to-date and aligns with business goals. By closely monitoring participant progress and feedback, we identify areas for improvement in training programmes and make necessary adjustments promptly.

Customers benefit from increased training programme effectiveness, leading to a more skilled and competent workforce. This, in turn, can enhance productivity, reduce errors, and improve employee morale. Moreover, MTMS help control training costs by optimising resource allocation and streamlining training processes.

At TDS, our MTMS contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective, and learner-centric approach to training, resulting in improved employee performance and customer satisfaction.


Features We Offer

Training Monitoring and Evaluation

We regularly assess the effectiveness of training programmes to gauge how well they align with learning objectives and organisational goals.

Feedback Collection and Analysis

Collect and analyse participants, trainers, and stakeholders feedback to enhance training content, delivery, and overall experience, utilising performance data and assessment results for actionable insights.

Quality Assurance

Ensure training materials and instructors meet industry standards, staying current and compliant with relevant regulations.

Content Adaptation and Customisation

Tailor training programmes using data and feedback to address participant needs, skill gaps, or preferences. Regularly update materials to reflect technological, regulatory, and best practice changes.

Technology Leverage

Leverage tools like Metrics That Matter (MTM) to track and analyse training data, providing insightful feedback for continuous programme improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Continuously compare training programme performance against industry benchmarks and best practices, ensuring your training stays at the forefront of excellence.

Performance Metrics Review

Review the impact of training on employee performance, productivity, and organisational goals through thorough performance management.

Strategic Alignment

Align training initiatives with organisational goals and long-term strategies, fostering a synergistic approach that propels both training and business success.


Decades of Expertise

Benefit from over 40 years of expertise in managing training centres, demonstrating our enduring ability to navigate industry complexities and evolving trends effectively. 

Tech-Driven Excellence

Embrace a transformative journey with our commitment to cutting-edge technology, ensuring your training programmes evolve with continuous improvement for sustained excellence. 


Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritise our clients’ unique needs, fostering a collaborative and responsive partnership for highly tailored and effective training solutions. 

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