TDS understands that your corporate needs are always changing, whether it is for a short, interactive product onboarding video for your clients, or an in-depth e-learning course to enrich your employees’ skills. On top of our training  and learning content management systems you can also choose from our comprehensive range of services to implement the robust solutions we provide. Because we anticipate your company’s needs, you’ll never be out of options in training your workforce to grow with your business.


Developing an entire course’s worth of content for your company can be time-consuming. Even with other self-building multiple class tools available online, you might not know where to begin. But with TDS, we have over a decade of experience in developing competitive top-of-the-line classes in Singapore. So you don’t start from scratch, get course design plans catered to your learner’s needs formulated by experts in our e-learning content development service.

Additionally, your employees can enjoy an easy-to-use interactive course platform, with the convenience of accessing course materials across any device at any time. Giving them the full support and revision they need to help them along their learning journey.

Designed For Your Company’s Distinct Objectives

Gain from custom e-learning content development and realise your company’s unique goals for employee education. Content development is perfect for any key modules you have in mind that require learners to practice or pick up on a specific set of skills.

Couple your company’s specific educational objective with our expertise in adult learning, and effortlessly bring your customised module to life.

Video, Animation And Games

Engage your clients in a video and animation product demo, or explore fun and interactive game-based learning to sharpen existing skills of your workforce. Use digital content development to your advantage and interest employees in your company’s education and upskilling initiatives.

Advanced Training Technology

Adopt the latest technology in corporate training, with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programmes to bring your training curriculum to the next level.

Select a solution that works best for your company, or opt for an integrated strategy to incorporate a combination of these techniques. Find out more with TDS today!

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