22 Mar: Why Leadership Management Training Is Essential For Organisations

Leadership and management training is how businesses can take a proactive approach to growth. Understanding the various levels of training that managers will need, TDS unpacks the reasons why it’s important to develop managers. From cohesive teams and engaged employees to sound company-wide decision-making, training managers is a continuous journey.

05 Jan: Online learning & its role in the future of work

E-learning as a concept has taken the world of learning and development - both in schools and corporate offices - by storm. Although it’s familiar, its benefits, varied use and strategies make for compelling consideration when innovating professional development trajectories. TDS Singapore offers both training and learning systems apt for scaling development in corporations.

30 Jul: The Best Gamification Apps for Adults in 2019

The learning curve for working adults can be steep when it comes to picking up the most up-to-date skills, or knowledge from a different industry. The, combined with the fact that the attention span of an average adult ranges between 10 to 20 minutes, poses a challenge when an instructor is trying to pass on information, especially during a business skills training. However, game-based learning could be a perfect solution this.

30 Jul: Top Mobile Learning Trends for Corporate Training

In today’s day and age, it is expected of employers to take on the responsibility of improving the skillset of their employees, so as to increase their productivity. It was not till two decades ago, that an average employee would work at an organisation solely reliant on the skills and knowledge gained from their education prior to joining the workforce. However, this practice is increasingly becoming phased out brought about by significant changes to the dynamics of the corporate space.