VIDEO /ANIMATION RICH MEDIA TO ENGAGE LEARNERS Our video/animation production team develops visually-engaging videos with high quality onsite videography and cutting edge editing technologies.

why video/animation

Studies show that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than static text.

types of training video


Videos where you see someone speaking to the audience directly through the video camera, offer an engaging training experience, which makes it easier for the audience to follow and not get distracted.


Demonstration videos work well when you need to train your audience on how to use a particular product or service as it takes the learners through step-by-step instructions.


Role-play videos are a great option when you want to demonstrate a real-life situation that your audience will encounter as show them exactly what needs to be done.

screencast video

Screencast videos are perfect for when you need to train your audience on how to use complicated software applications, websites or any other process or program on a computer.


A great alternative to presenter videos because they give you a chance to create a memorable character and make use of humour to keep the audience entertained.

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