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Bring intricate visualisation through labelling, animation and video, into the real world with step-by-step guides.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

In years to come, augmented reality will likely be the preferred training approach to equip learners with the most accurate and updated information, as it has shown to improve the fundamental aspects of an organisation such as communication, collaboration, training, etc.


Why AR ?

AR in learning performed 150% better compared to traditional learning material.
AR training increase by 20-35% compared to those who refer to the e-manual or print manual.
There is 30% reduction of time utilised by employees who have been trained using AR.

Uses of Augmented Reality

When developing an e-learning, it is crucial to select the right technology for the right reasons. Here are some ideal situations and reasons for using Augmented Reality training.


New Hire Onboarding

Imagine it is your first day at work and you can go around your new office to scan AR symbols with your phone.

Performance Support

Overlaying digital information on physical space can guide learners to carry out different processes effectively.

Enhancing Traditional Learning Modalities

Imagine placing your phone on top of a page of the textbook and a video pops up .

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