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The Centre for Management Training (CMT) strives to be a Premier Learning
Centre of choice providing quality-training services for its clients.

holistic and innovative

Design approach

With the mission to develop effective managers and leaders through quality leadership and management training programmes, we adopt a holistic and innovative approach to design, develop and deliver effective solutions to meet specific individual and organisational needs.


For everyone

  • Creative Thinking
    • Tony Buzan Mind Mapping
  • Critical Thinking
    • Power of Questions
  • Personal Mastery
    • Memory & Recall
    • The Art of Living with Joy
    • 7-Ups to Personal Effectiveness
    • Speed Reading
  • Self-Awareness
    • Even Eagles Need a Push-Discover Your Strength, Live Your Dreams
  • Self-Management
    • Projecting a Professional Image
    • Build Resilience for Peak Performance

For First-line Managers

  • Communicating to Influence
    • Speak with Confidence
  • Developing Team
    • Building a Winning Relationship with Your Team
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Understanding and Using Body Language Effectively
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Working with Difficult People
  • Planning
    • Basics of Project Management
    • Effective Project Management
    • Staff Instincts

Middle Managers

  • Communicating to Influence
    • Essential Minutes Writing Skills
    • Reports & Proposals that Work
    • Story Power: An Introduction to Storytelling in Organisations
    • The Art of Conversation
    • Influential Communication for People Magic
    • Data Visualisation 101
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Multi-Generations at Work
    • Treating Others with Tact & Diplomacy
    • Partnering Your Boss at Work
    • Emotional Intelligence @ Work

For SENIOR Managers

  • Creative Thinking
    • Reframing – The Art of Seeing from Another Perspective
  • Creative Thinking
    • Critical Thinking Skills for Peak Performance
  • Communicating to Influence
    • Rapport: The Art of Connecting with Anyone
    • Effective Influencing Skills
  • Decision Making
    • Prioritising and Making Effective Decisions
  • Developing People
    • Enhancing Performance through Effective Supervision
    • Mentoring @ Work
  • Improving Organisations
    • Leading Innovation
    • Managing Change Effectively
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
    • Negotiating Dynamics
    • Networking for Success

Language Programmes

The importance of learning a different language opens up opportunities for your business.

Learning a language would not only make communication easier but it would also help you understand the culture of the market that you would be working with.

Conversational Language Programmes – 50 or 150 hours

  • Indonesian Language
  • Malay Language
  • Mandarin Language
  • Thai Language

Foreign Language Programmes with Examination

  • Indonesian Language
  • Malay Language
  • Mandarin Language
  • Thai Language
why us
Our experience in outsourced training administration lets you focus on the strategic value of training and the performance of your people.
Outsourcing enables you to expand your team’s capabilities and to speed the pace of your business in addition to ensuring the training you offer meets the organisation needs. Engaging CMT will certainly make way for your organisation to develop the capabilities for the training function.
High Quality Content

With our Subject Matter Experts who have industry experience, you can be assured that of quality training contents that will suit your organisation.

Reduced Cost

Hiring a full time content developer and trainers can be costly for any organisation. The goal of an organisation is to train its employees to deliver the highest quality training at the lowest cost. Outsourcing your training gives you this option.

You can stay focused

By outsourcing, you can focus on other key areas of running the business and managing employees. You will be able to focus on growing your business and be ensured that the training will align with your organisation’s goals.

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