Making a business decision to elevate your management team’s linguistic skills is a significant step for your company. While this is an important move for your organisation, choosing a reliable training service provider for foreign language programmes is not an easy task. At the same time, you want your managers to capitalize on this special opportunity and get the most out of it.

The good news is that by coming to TDS, you’re already taking a step in the right direction.

Foreign Language Programmes Made Easy

To maximize your manager’s learning and experience, our foreign language programmes are made to be engaging and interactive. Because lessons are fun, it encourages learners to think out of the box and explore in a safe environment.

In-Person or Remote

Have the flexibility of both online and offline courses available with our proprietary platform 8eyond Suite. So your managers can still attend lessons remotely, even with busy and unpredictable schedules.

Make more out of your investment, with trusted and reliable foreign language programmes with TDS.

Localisation With TDS Foreign Language Programmes

Foreign language programmes by TDS are perfect for localising your managers to business communications in Southeast Asia. Conversational skills learned through this course also empowers your managers to make better connections with locals in the team, and make a difference in their people management skills.

Go Global With TDS Foreign Language Programmes

For any future business expansion plans into global markets, plan ahead with the crucial step of preparing your managers. Enrol the management team into this foreign language programme, where they can gain exposure to international languages like French, Arabic, Hebrew and more.

Our foreign language courses are available in 3-tiers: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, depending on the needs and skills level of the learner.

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