1-Minute Videos

Personal Development

Accepting Praise
Attention in Meetings
Avoiding Escalations
Being Assertive
Being Likeable Through Empathy
Being Polite
Boosting Confidence
Building Rapport
Calming Upset Customers (Sorry, Glad, Sure)
Choose Your Attitude
Dealing with Criticism
Decision Making
Diffusing Anger
Do It Right First Time
Pomodoro Technique
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Responsibility - Health and Safety
Goal Setting (Smart)
How to Say Sorry
Overcoming Procrastination
Overcoming Umms And Uhhs
Ownership & Accountability
Pomodoro Technique
Problem Solving
Project Management
Remembering More
Responding to A Bully at Work
Responding to Negativity
Social Media Management
Taking Ownership
Thinking on Your Feet
Transitioning Out of Lockdown or Change
Working from Home - Leaders Tips
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